What is G-Plus?

G – Plus is an AutoCAD third party program for architectural engineering design.

What is Dream Plus?

Dream Plus is an AutoCAD third party program for civil engineering design.

More Powerful [ Multi Plot ]

The Multi Plot feature in Dream Plus will play a significant role in your design workflow. It is a feature that both you and your family will appreciate, as it helps you complete your projects more efficiently and allows you to spend more time at home.

Previously, you may have found it time-consuming to handle a large number of plots. Opening each file individually and numbering them could be a tedious process. However, with Multi Plot, you no longer have to waste your time on such tasks. This feature enables you to output multiple drawings simultaneously, simply by specifying the file names and numbers, without the need to open each target file individually.

Additionally, Multi Plot allows you to set up the scale and paper size of each drawing in advance. This means you can customize the settings according to your specific requirements beforehand. By utilizing this feature, you will experience significant time savings and a streamlined workflow, resulting in a more efficient design process.